About BabbleOnBooks

I used to have a job.  I did.

About a year ago.

And then I left it.  For subbosably greener pastures.  I don’t really know what that means, but here’s the deal.  People like to read books; me too.  I’ve studied a lot and for a long time and have gotten a lot of degrees (if two counts) from good schools (Yale and Stanford) and I studied English and law and I worked a lot at a job that paid a lot but made you work a lot too and hard.  When my job went away, I sat down and thought about it, my time, and how I’d like to spend it, my time.

I decided I wanted to ask people what their favorite books were.  People who I liked; people I worked with; people who I thought were smart (sometimes allthese people overlapped); and sometimes people I just came across.  So I compiled a list and now I read it, reading to see if like them (the books) or them (the people).

At my job, you were subbosed to work a lot.  Bill a lot of hours or something.  But, when stacks of books grew, I think people started catching on.  You don’t have time to bill what you’re subbosed to bill and read what I was subbosably getting ready to read.

My year reading books.